Saturday , 26 July 2014
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Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-38)


One final gameweek, one last taste of fantasy football action before we call it a day. For some it’s already over like those at the bottom of the Premier League table but for others, there’s one final push to see who will end victorious! As always, the last gameweek of the season sees all teams in action at the same ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-37)


So here we are at the penultimate gameweek of the season and what a gameweek it is. With doubles present, hope still exists for those looking to catch friends or foes. We’re spoilt for choice with Gameweek 37, which has led to the shock move of dropping Suarez out of the Select XI for the first time in a million ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-36)


We might not like it but we have to come to terms that the end is nigh. There are only 3 gameweeks left before we enter the fantasy abyss. World Cup fantasy games could ease the pain but they’re a mere shadow of the real thing. FPL is the drug we crave and we’re down to the final few crumbs. ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-35)


Unless you were a Puncheon-manager, you probably thought that Wednesday night’s action was a bit of an anti-climax. Everton suffered a surprise loss to Palace, where Lukaku once again failed to register any attacking returns, whilst the Everton defence let 3 goals past them. The midfield maestros from City were missing and Aguero was only given 56 minutes to impress. ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-34)

baines penalty

Are you ready?? I said are you ready?? Oh ok, fair enough, you should’ve just said, making me sound like some sort of crazy person obsessed with fantasy football (although I am). If you’ve been following the fixtures carefully, you’d know that this is the first of the final two double gameweeks of the season. A chance to claw back ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-33)


It’s been a mixed week for English sides in the Champions League, whilst United battled valiantly for a draw against German giants Bayern, Chelsea suffered a disappointing blow, conceding at the death to leave the tie at 3-1. Despite the results, who would you back to go through, if any of them? Before the second legs come around, we have ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-32)


What a gameweek! Points were being thrown all over the place! With FPL being particularly generous, triple-figure scores became the norm as Gameweek 31 lived up to its billing. I’m not sure if anything will be the same after this gameweek but there’s no time to dwell on the past. The next round is quickly upon us and it’s time ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-31)

luis suarez

So it’s finally here, the mammoth gameweek we’ve all been waiting for. With 10 teams facing doubles, many teams will have pretty much a full eleven playing more than once. Get ready for one high-scoring points fest! It may feel like Christmas but don’t be mistaken, this is the business end of the season. There are only 8 gameweeks left ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-30)


When you hit the 30s, you know that the end is nigh. Nope we’re not talking about your age, we’re talking about the greatness that is the Fantasy Premier League! There are only 9 gameweeks left but don’t despair as some of these will contain multiple doubles from rearranged fixtures. How you approach these valuable doubles could make or break ... Read More »

Fantasy Football Addict’s Select XI (GW-29)


The trickiest gameweek of the season is finally upon us where only half of the Premier League sides are in action. Many of us will struggle to get a full eleven out but don’t despair as doubles are just around the corner to compensate. With most teams sitting this one out, we’ve got a slightly unusual Select XI with some ... Read More »